Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ghost's Cover Blown?

I hate to do this, I really do. It goes against all of my journalistic ethics, all of my morals, and sadly one of my favorite new bands, but I do believe that the members of Ghost are from a band called, are you ready for this... In Solitude. Nope, not Fenriz from Darkthrone or Erik Danielsson from Waitain or any other famous metal band. In freaking Solitude! By this point I'm sure some of you are saying, "The Metalman has completely lost it, I wish he would just shut up". But, hold on for a second and I will tell you why I believe In Solitude and Ghost are one and the same.
I was turned on to In Solitude by the latest issue of Decibel Magazine where they are featured in the upFront profile section. They were compared by the writer to Ghost and King Diamond. Seeing as I love Mercyful Fate and Ghost I had to check these guys out. Upon looking for their records, I couldn't find them anywhere in the States so I went YouTubeing. After a quick search I found a song by them called "Witches Sabbath". While browsing through the comments I saw one stating that In Solitude doesn't sound like Ghost, Ghost sound like In Solitude because they are older. The comment above that one by a user named aocidicoa agreed that they are older than Ghost and that they just might be Ghost. After carefully listening to the vocals of both Ghost and In Solitude over a couple different songs, I was shocked at how similar their vocals were.

This strange coincidence? led me to check out In Solitude's MySpace page. Sure enough, they are signed to Metal Blade Records just like Ghost. Then I checked out different concerts that each band has played.  Funny enough, both bands are playing Maryland Deathfest at the end of May one day apart. Both bands are from Sweden and The Nameless Ghoul from Ghost certainly has a similar facial structure to In Solitude vocalist Hornper Ahman. Oh, yeah and guess who's on the cover of the new issue of Decibel with In Solitude in it? Yep, Ghost.

So are you convinced? No? Well actually, I'm not either. According to the two bands MySpace's they have shows on the same day coming up in different countries throughout Europe. It will be interesting to see if some of these shows end up cancelled, which would be a tell-tale sign. Regardless, let's enjoy both bands great retro music and maybe one day we can laugh at how ridiculous this article was. Or maybe not.


  1. The vocalist from ghost are weating a mask on stage. Just so you know...

  2. I meant wearing...

  3. I didn't realize that. I thought it was just face paint. I'm gonna go see them in two weeks so i'll confirm if it's a mask or paint.

  4. Putrid is right. The Nameless Ghoul does appear to be wearing some sort of painted mask onstage.

  5. Hey dudes
    in case you're still looking for that
    it's the singer from repugnant w in solitude as a backing band


  6. Wow this is weird. But why would Ghost be all from one band? It just isn't. I don't believe Ghost is all from one band, and the singer is most definitely Tobius Forge. As for the others, I firmly believe Mikael Akerfeldt (Opeth, Bloodbath) is the guitarist (white guitar delta), Ola Englund (Six Feet under, Feared and 'Mystery band'!!) the other guitarist (black, omega) and apart from that I've seen a few things. But Ghost seems to be more of a collaboration of some of Swedens best musicians in the Death/Black metal, Punk and Occult rock scenes.

  7. Though I'd say the bassist is definitely a possibility for Ghosts bassist.

  8. I can assure you thath the posts of June 7th are not correct.

  9. listen to TID from sweden,they are in the same label,as for magna carta cartel,the other band from tobias

    besides,ghost was started by tobias and grga lindstrom,ex repugnant also former member from subvision,another band from tobias

    1. i go for TID people to be GHOST musicians

  10. Are you guys stupid or what? Ghost is just Subvision in cloaks, with a keyboardist. None of them are from In Solitude. Christ. I thought everyone knew this by now.

  11. The nameless gouls are those playing instruments, and they are wearing masks. Papa Emeritius II is the singer and guess what? Yep, he´s also wearing a mask. Jeez. And no, none of them are playing in In Solitude. They aren´t even from the same town. And who cares who hides under the mask. Ghost is Ghost.

  12. Met these guys this last week. Band is Subvison with the Bassist and Keyboards being the add on members!

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  14. Ghost = Subvision. Guaranteed.

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