Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Forbidden-Omega Wave

I know this review is a little late, but I had to review this album because it was one the best thrash metal releases of 2010 and I saw these guys in concert in November and they were awesome. When I first purchased the album I purchased it knowing very little about it. I hadn't heard a lot of hype for this album (other than it was supposed to be about the end of the world) but I decided to go ahead and buy it based on Forbidden's past history with releasing great albums. (For those who don't know, they released two semi-classic thrash albums in the late 80's-early 90's in Forbidden Evil and Twisted Into Form.) Anyways, when I gave this album it's first spin I have to say that I was underwhelmed. However, on subsequent listens I realized that this was an excellent piece of thrash and one that deserved to be considered among the top metal releases of 2010.

The album opens with an instrumental, "Alpha Century", that really helps to build the hype for the onslaught that is about come. The song seamlessly transitions into the first "real" song on the album in "Forsaken At The Gates." "Gates" is one of the best tracks on the album but takes some getting used to as vocalist Russ Anderson sounds quite a bit different than he did in the 1980's (he sort of uses a shout-sing technique as opposed to his often high-pitched wailing that characterized Forbidden's older releases). This song, though, does have one trademark Forbidden attribute. The middle-eastern influenced guitar solo sounds just like the Forbidden of old. The third song on the album, "Overthrow" begins with a slower, lurching riff, before settling into a mid paced thrasher with a chanted chorus of "Overthrow, Overtake!"

Following "Overthrow", is the excellent track "Adapt or Die", another album highlight. This song is very thrashy and has some excellent guitar work in it. This song continues the album theme of the end of the world. Halfway through Omega Wave is a track entitled "Chatter" which features voices of people talking about the different ways the world could end. This sets the stage for the final half of the album.

Following "Chatter" is the song "Dragging My Casket". This song is another excellent track with an awesome guitar solo and great chorus. It also includes a chanted line in the song (almost in the vein of viking metal bands) with people going "ooh-ooh." The eight track on Omega Wave, "Hopenosis", is a stand out track for sure. The song's lyrics deal with how the government and religion gave people false hope that the world would be alright, despite the fact that the end is near. "You gave us hopenosis, elusive pyschosis", vocalist Anderson laments. "Behind The Mask" is the song on the album that reminds me the most of the Forbidden of old. It has Anderson's old style of singing and features a more traditional thrash metal sound than the rest of the album.

While some albums begin to fall off towards the end Forbidden saves their very best for last with the thrash-fest that is the title track. This track is all-out, balls to the wall aggression and as aggressive a track as any young thrash band can put out. The riffs are lightning quick, the drums pound, and the vocals have a very hard edge to them. This song leaves the listener wanting much more Forbidden, which is what any good album should do.

This album is certainly one of the very best thrash discs of 2010 and as such I cannot recommend this album enough to thrash fans.


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